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1A Roofing and Construction is your trusted, local, professional team of roofing experts and construction specialists who are committed to providing the best customer experience from start to finish.
There are a lot of pertinent details involved in getting a new roof installation, a roof replacement, or a roof repair. And if your roof is currently leaking, that can prove to be even more stressful. The good news is you have come to the right place. Because roofing and construction is exactly what we specialize in!

We at 1A Roofing and Construction will come alongside you to walk you through every step. Whether or not you are dealing with an insurance company for a hail damage claim, it is crucial that you have a reliable roofing company whom you can trust with the roof over your head being done right. Moreover, because we are a full service construction company as well, our services entail not only roof installation, roof replacement and roof repair, but we also provide home exterior and interior remodeling. So we can also give your sidings a fresh coat of paint, install new gutters, or even remodel your kitchen, among many other services we offer. 

We at 1A Roofing and Construction are eager to make your next home project a reality. Your complete satisfaction is what we take most pride in and we are committed to delivering excellence in every home project we undertake. Call 1A Roofing and Construction today for a free roof inspection or for an estimate of your next home project at (817)203-4546.

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Roof Installations

Whether your home or business may be in dire need of roof replacement from a recent hailstorm or you are simply interested in finally upgrading your property's roof, we at 1A Roofing and Construction are more than happy to be of service to you!

Roof Repair

Do you have a few roofing shingles missing or blown off from high winds or a recent hailstorm? Perhaps your property is in dire need of repair, but you just don't know where to start. Our team of roofing professionals are here to assist you!

Leak Repair

Leaks in your home may be a telltale sign of damage to your roof. Leaks could come from torn roofing material, improper installation, or worn-out vents on your roof. Let us take out the guess work and give you and your family peace of mind with our roofing leak repair services!

Additional Services

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with your roof?

In addition to our roof repair and installation services, we also offer many different services for your roof. Whether your home or business may need roofing services for damages inside or outside of your property, we have got you covered! Our skilled crew of roofing contractors are here to help you and your family have peace of mind with your home or business. Our professional roofing services include:

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Quality Material

Our customers only deserve the best roofing materials. From roofing shingles to roofing underlayment, we offer a wide variety roofing accesories across numerous brands.


Licensed and Insured, our customers can always expect excellent roofing services. We not only work to make your roof up to code but consider your complete satisfaction as our standard.

Trained Workers

With over 10 years of experience in roofing and construction, our crew of roofing professionals take the time to address every single concern our customers may have about their roof.

Time Availability

Even the smallest damages and leaks to your roof can lead to much larger repairs for your home or business. Therefore, we consider it our top priority to service and our customers as soon as we are able to.

Quick Response

We at 1A Roofing and Construction keep an open line of communication all throughout the process with their roof. We are always quick to respond any question or concern our customers may have.

Lifetime Warranty

Along with our roofing installations, we offer all of our customers a lifetime warranty for their roofs. We make sure to service and check on our customers even after we finish installing their roof.

Professional Roofing Contractors that care for their customers

With hundreds of Roofing Contractors in the DFW Metroplex, we want you to know that we value all of our customers and look forward to serving you next time you are in need of roof repair or roof replacement!

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