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Chances are you just walked passed one. Whether you call it sheetrock, wallboard or gypsum board, it is most commonly known as Drywall. Drywall is a construction material used for walls and ceilings in homes and commercial buildings. As a full service construction company, drywall installation, drywall repair, tape, bed, texture and paint are quality services that we at 1A Construction offer and take pride in.

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With over years of experience and expertise, our Flower Mound Drywall contractors use only the highest grade materials and provide excellent craftsmanship. We understand that every property owner has unique needs and desires. We at 1A Construction, take the time to listen to our customers, and come along side them to reach the best solution to every situation efficiently and economically. From new drywall installations, to repairing dry wall stress cracks and water damage, our Drywall contractors are qualified professionals and technicians who not only will deliver impressive drywall installations and drywall repairs, but also are able to provide expert assessments to find the cause behind the warping, mold growth, swelling or nail pops on your drywall. If you are looking to expand your interiors or build walls to section off an area, our Flower Mound Drywall contractors are here for you. If your drywall is in great shape and you just need some interior painting and possibly replacing trim molding, 1A Construction is committed to make all the details of your project a reality, large or small. Your satisfaction is the reason we exist. Our Flower Mound Drywall professionals at 1A Construction highly respect your property, so we make sure to properly prep our work area before any work begins and we clean up after our work for the day is done. We strive to deliver the best customer experience from start to finish because we know how we ourselves would want to be treated as a customer in the construction business. Call us today for a free estimate, and one of our friendly Flower Mound Drywall contractors will meet with you and get you started on your next drywall project.


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Need Drywall Repair for your Flower Mound property?

For the most part, we do not pay much attention to our walls and ceilings. Until we do. All of a sudden, you can see nothing else. Having an unsightly crack, dent or hole on your wall or ceiling is unnerving when left unaddressed. No matter how small it is, our Flower Mound Drywall contractors at 1A Construction are here to help. We are expert drywall technicians who can repair your drywall to seamlessly match your existing wall. Punching a hole by moving a piece of furniture or having a door swing out of control creating a dent in your wall are stuff that can happen in our everyday lives. Before feeling courageous after watching that DIY video, reconsider that it takes experience and skill to repair a drywall, no matter how simple it may look. The worse thing you can do is replace the attention-grabbing hole in your wall with an uneven, amateurly-done drywall repair. Not having the right tools for a proper application of drywall materials can end up becoming more costly than planned. Call us today and we can take care of that drywall repair in no time!

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Fun Thought: Why is it called Drywall?​

Do you know why Drywall is called Drywall? This is because drywall is installed without the use of water.  A long time ago, walls used to be created using wet plaster. A layer of wet plaster is applied, then is waited on to dry and harden. Only then can another layer of wet plaster be applied. Eventually, after several layers installed, this forms a wall. Through the years, this proved to become more costly, more labor-intensive in the application of plaster, and longer to complete. With the invention of drywall, installing walls by a skilled professional drywall technician became the leading choice in the construction industry because of its cost-efficiency and quicker turn around time. And Sheetrock, by the way, is a brand name of drywall. Now you know.

It is highly important to go with a knowledgeable drywall contractor. Because not all drywall materials are the same, it is essential to identify what kind of drywall you need and for what purpose. There is drywall used for fire-resistance, and another is used for soundproofing. The thickness of the drywall used for the ceiling is not the same as those used for the walls. Having an experienced drywall contractor can help you make decisions like these that will best suit your drywall needs.

When is it best to replace my drywall instead of just repairing it?

This is a great question that most customers ask. If your drywall is starting to rot due to water damage or if you are beginning to see any signs of mold, it is best to contact our Flower Mound drywall professionals at 1A Construction to replace it and install new drywall instead. If it is a hole or a huge dent that cannot be filled in, then that portion of your wall will need a drywall patch repair. However, getting that drywall to match and seamlessly blend into the rest of your existing wall can only be achieved by a skilled drywall contractor.

Drywall Installation Services at its Finest

New Drywall Installation

Whether it is a new building construction or just adding interior walls to an existing structure, new drywall installation is a service that we at 1A Construction take pride in doing. Our Flower Mound drywall professionals are equipped with decades of experience and are highly skilled at what they do. From framing to drywall installation to tape, bed, texture and painting — rest assured that we will only deliver these services at the highest construction standards and with your safety in mind. We at 1A Construction look forward to making your next construction project a reality.

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My drywall has been installed. Now what?

What comes next is what we call tape, bed and texture. Because drywall comes in sheets, there will be a visible line where the drywall sheets meet. This where the tape and bed application is required. Drywall mud is applied to fill in any gap between the drywall sheets then drywall tape or a mesh material is placed over it. Another layer of drywall mud is then skillfully applied with a trowel. The last layer of drywall mud is spread thinly away from the seams to create a more smooth and leveled appearance. When the drywall mud dries, this is sanded down until there are no lumps or uneven surfaces on the wall. After this, adding texture, as well as a fresh coat of paint, comes next. Before you know it, your property will be looking fresh and new.

Drywall Inspection

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Are you in need of drywall repair, drywall replacement, or drywall installation of any kind? Contact 1A Construction today to be connected with one of our Flower Mound drywall specialists, and to claim your free inspection. We look forward to serving you!

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